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Stop Selling Super Seducer

Thankfully this petition is now closed, hope it’s effective!

There’s a new video game on sale that offers men a masterclass in harassment under the guise of seducing their dream girl.

Super Seducer gives players the chance to try out different lines and ‘moves’ on women, from grabbing their breasts, to asking their friends if they are a ‘good girl’.

And it’s just been approved for sale by one of the biggest online gaming stores, Steam.

Other companies — like KickStarter and Playstation — have refused to host or sell the game because they realised how toxic it is. Now we need to put pressure on Steam to follow suit.

Steam is one of the biggest games retailers in the world. It should not be selling lessons in harassment to its customers.

The company has withdrawn games before for encouraging violence, it’s time it took a similar stand on harassing women.For far too long it’s been normal for men to grab and grope women, and this game teaches the next generation of men that it still is. That needs to change.

Let’s tell Steam to take action against the normalisation of harassment and not sell Super Seducer.

Let’s challenge this and sign this petition