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Day 15 of 16 Days of Action – Sign a Petition

Check out the SIGBI website for current petition for example –If your raped by your husband in India it’s not a crime…

Day 14 of 16 Days of Action

Cook something orange this weekend and use it as a talking point with family and friends (men and women) about saying NO to domestic violence. One of our members has sent in these recipes, others are available!

Day 13 of 16 Days of Action – Loves me Loves me not

These bookmarks fold into credit card sized reminders of what a healthy relationship should feel like, aimed particularly at both young women and men,  Our Club has shared these produced by SI Central Birmingham, based on the Purple Tear Drop … Continued

Day 12 of 16 Days of Action – Forgotten 10 campaign

The Forgotten 10 Challenge   supports the innocent civilians, mostly women and children, caught up in conflicts around the world. Resources include a petition to your MP to stop the bombing of civilians.,60EJF,UKXOOM,NK7M5,1

Day 11 of 16 Days of Action – Myths about violence against women

Domestic abuse can happen to any women – there is a lot of false news about what it is and who it affects – read and this useful myth buster from a America to get the truth.

Christmas time in Kenilworth

It’s definitely the start of Christmas for our Club.   Our theme this year for the annual  Kenilworth Christmas Tree display held in St Nicholas Church as HOOP – President Anita’s international theme for her year.