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Knitting for Malawi- Can you help?

Knitted and sewn items for Malawi

The following items are need for Malawi:

  •  Urgent Knitted Preemie and larger, normal size baby hats for the malnutrition unit, of any colour or mix of colours. The brighter the better!
  •  Urgent Knitted preemie socks (12 18 or 22 stitches knitted in the round for 3 inches. The first 2 inches can be ribbed to help them stay on) Reduce stitches gradually over the next 6 rows and sew up. Or any other pattern that you wish to use and as with the hats any colour or mix is fine. Malawians do not stick to the pale colour pale pink or blue conventions that we do.
  • Sheets. Cot size, singles, doubles and bigger. Cut down and hemmed sheets to fit smaller sizes – cots etc are welcomed.
  •  Blankets. Knitted or crocheted for small babies or old ones that you have in the house that you no longer use that can be utilised for the older children’s bed.
  •  Any baby sized, especially preemie sized, clothes.


Preemie Hat pattern

Using 4ply, and a pair of size 7 needles, cast on 50 stitches. (Quicker knit, double knitting or thicker wool will give a larger size, but use larger


Either K1 P1 for 1 inch or Knit every row for 1 inch

Change to stocking stitch (1 row plain 1 row purl) till work is 4 inches

Either thread all the stitches through the wool and draw together then stitch up side seam OR

Knit 1 Knit 2 tog to end for 3 rows then draw stitches together through wool and sew up side seam.

Pom Pom optional.

Please use up all the oddments of wool you may have. The more colourful the better.

Increase the stitches for a larger size, and decrease for smaller. Could be knitted on 4 needles so avoiding the seam.