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Trees for Life


SI Newcastle upon Tyne have launched their ‘Trees for Life’ Project which in Phase 1 will provide global benefits, and these benefits will be for women.

‘Treesisters’ is a UK based organisation founded by women and now forming a global network of women who donate money to fund a ‘Reforestation Revolution’.  This revolution is to restore our tropical forests by “women seeding change” (  in Brazil, Cameroon, India, Kenya, Nepal, Madagascar and Amazonia, because tropical forests are” the lungs of the world, rain creators, weather stabilisers, air cleansers and the conditioners of the planet”. (  Together this network of empowered women across the globe aim to plant one million to one billion trees a year.  Their current total so far is 2.2 million trees which women have planted and nurtured, and from which they grow more trees to sell or plant for food, materials and medicines.  This puts women in the driving seat of change and makes them economically active.  They are ensuring these trees survive and thrive by engaging with local schools, students and others in their 20yr tree nurture plans.

The Reforestation Revolution is focused on tropical forests and jungles because tropical trees sequester (i.e., store on a long term basis carbon dioxide and other forms of carbon to slow the accumulation of atmospheric and marine greenhouse gases released by the burning of fossil fuels) store three times more carbon than trees in temperate regions.

Through ‘Treesisters’ the trees can be purchased and planted for 33p per sapling!  SI Newcastle upon Tynehave no target – we and our planet need all the trees we can get.   Our ‘Trees for Life’ Clock started counting with the project launch at our Annual Charter Lunch on the 16 November 2019.  Through the generosity of all the Club, our Northern England Region and other Soroptimists together with their family and friends the funds were raised for women across the globe working in partnership with to plant a staggering 1,199 trees across a range of tropical forests.  Now named SI Newcastle upon Tyne’s “WOR FOREST” (a true Geordie name!)  – supporting our planet, women internationally and their communities.

No.1a photograph is at the Charter Lunch in November 2019 when the funds for 1,999 trees through the was raised. Note the ’tree’ table decorations.


Photograph 1b shows our President Chris declaring the club’s support for Treesisters.


Phase 2 of the Project was launched in the UK with the planting of a Silver Birch tree (Betula Snow Queen) in partnership with Dobbies Garden Centre at their Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne premises on International Women’s Day on 8 March 2020.  This was an exciting occasion followed by coffee and cake with plans to partner with a range of Newcastle schools and educational organisations during the year.  Unfortunately, despite having raised a considerable sum of money, thanks to a very successful summer event in 2019 hosted by a Club Member, Phase 2 has been postponed due to the Covid 19 pandemic which began with its first lockdown on the 23 March 2020.

No. 2 photograph is the planting of a Silver Birch at Dobbies Garden Centre on International Women’s Day 2020.

However, SI Newcastle upon Tyne’s ’Trees for Life’ Phase 2 will take place – watch this space!