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Promoting the Women’s Safety Initiative

Recent local events have provided opportunities for members of the Club to promote the Women’s Safety Initiative.

Lady Lansdowne, the High Sheriff of Wiltshire. is pictured here with Julia West, our incoming Communications Officer, learning about the project at the Mental Health Showcase at Salisbury’s Guildhall on 5 April.





At the same event Liz Batten, outgoing Communications Officer was able to spend time talking about the project to both the Mayor of Salisbury, Caroline Corbin, pictured here and the Deputy Mayor, her husband Tom.






Later that week there was the chance to catch up with football fans as the Salisbury Women’s Football Team were permitted a rare opportunity to play on the Salisbury RayMac stadium pitch. President Eleanor, Liz and potential new member Edwina Berkeley were on hand to talk to spectators and players about the Salisbury Women’s Safety Initiative.