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Turn out your drawers and donate gently used bras!

Turn out your drawers!

It’s bra collection time again! Rummage through your drawers and toss out all those bras which have crept to the back as they are not the right colour, not the right shape, just not your favourites.  Bras are like friends, they should be supportive and close to your heart!

Did you know?

Did you know that you are supposed to be measured for a bra every six months? Well, so say some bra manufacturers! But seriously, when did you last get measured? Chances are you are wearing the same size you did a few years ago? It might be time for a change!

How to donate

So, what to do with the old ones?…. take your clean, gently used bras to Five Rivers Leisure Centre and pop them in our collecting box, or drop a bag full at 60 Endless Street, or pass them to a Soroptimist friend. Please make donations by Friday 1st July after which they will be sorted and passed to the charity.

Where will donations go?

This year we are supporting ‘Afreebra initiative’. They send bras to various African countries where they are given to women who would otherwise not be able to afford such garments.

Most of the bras go to Ghana and are distributed by the Rural Smile Foundation . They have a ‘Queen Mother’ system; senior local women are responsible for distributing bras to the women in her community.

In Zambia, a book charity offers a free bra to mothers, as an incentive to bring their children to book club and thereby increase literacy.

Some bras go to the DRC where they are distributed by church groups.

Wherever they end up your pre-loved bra will be used and valued by another woman.


… if you cup is half full…. you probably need a different bra! 

Last year we collected 2,300 bras! Thank you Salisbury!

Can we beat that total this year?