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Her Salisbury Footprint

Our May meeting was in the great outdoors of a summer evening in Salisbury City centre, unfortunately the weather seemed to have forgotten it was summer, but did allow us a break between showers.

We met at the Guildhall in Market Square for the start of our ‘taster walk’ following a short section of Her Salisbury Footprint.

Two of our members who have previously conducted guided walks, presented some of the fascinating women featured on the map. First was Lady Edith Hulse first female Lord Mayor of Salisbury whose portrait hangs in the Guildhall. Along Market Square we passed the Ox Row Inn where Jane Botly had her cutlery and jewellery business. The Haunch of Venison is famous for its hauntings, but did you know that it was run for 22 years by Louisa (nee Bradbeer) Potto?

Passing what was the Richardson Wine Store on the corner of Bridge Street and High Street, now Barclays Bank, we noted that it was built by Frances Hale.  Frances featured later in the tour when we admired the Cosy Club on New Street, another of her creations.

We walked down High Street into the Close where we heard stories about Barbara Townsend, Dorothy Lawrence, Elihonor Sadler and Margaret Duncan. Please look up their stories on Her Salisbury Story!

The most historic figure in the project was Ela Countess of Salisbury (1187-1261) whose tomb is in the Cathedral. She was such a ‘towering female figure’, that she laid a foundation stone for the Cathedral alongside the Pope’s representative, the King, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Bishop and her husband. A remarkable honour!

We concluded the walk by taking a close look at the interior of a very ancient hostelry for refreshments.