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Her Salisbury Story Wrap Up

President Jenny Hair opened our February meeting by introducing our guest speaker Lucy Bridal from the Salisbury Museum. The museum is currently hosting an exhibition inspired by our project Her Salisbury Story.

Jenny briefly outlined the project and all that it had achieved since its launch in 2020. The research and website are in their final phases and the museum exhibition has come at the right time to draw a line and say the project is done!

Lucy explained how the exhibition was a perfect fit for the museum, being local, about the community and relevant to a wide audience. The women selected to be featured had specific links to objects in the collection. The curators were keen for the women to be displayed in context with an artefact. The storyboards were edited to be clear to read but with the intention of leaving the visitor curious enough to visit the relevant entry on the website to find out more.

Lucy went on to describe what a success the exhibition has been so far – and can still be visited into April. They have had a response board for visitors to leave comments and names of women who have inspired them – endearingly, many nominated their mother!

The Her Salisbury Trail maps have also been selling well.


Concluding the club business we welcomed a new member. Jenny inducted Councillor Eleanor Wills into the Soroptimist sisterhood.