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Kenyan evening fun – plus special visitor from Meru

Club Members and friends had a great time at the Kenyan evening on Monday 22 September.

31-Karambu Janet Janet Julia Web

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Everyone was delighted that Dr Karambu Ringera was able to join in the fun, adding her warmth and authenticity to the proceedings. The photos tell there own story with Karambu in the first and last pics. We learnt Swahili words, had a quiz about Kenya, learnt how to tie headscarves, sampled Kenyan food, sang and danced. There was an opportunity to buy the jewellery the Club sells that is made by HIV+ve women in Kenya which provides them with a sustainable income – this is just one of the initiatives that Dr Karambu Ringera is behind with her charity IPI International Peace Initiatives  .

34-Diana Ameeta Debbie Helen Kenyan cooking web35-Club Kenyan singing dancing web36-Ameeta Janet Karambu Diana Helen Kenyan Jewellery Web






Karambu engaged us in the traditional way of Kenyan story-telling where we all sat in a circle and she told us how things were going at IPI, with the Amani childrens’ home and with the women and their families affected by HIV/AIDS. She was able to tell us that Susan and Caroline, two of the girls whose secondary education we are fundraising to pay for, now act as role models for the other children in the home by taking responsibility for the other children and encouraging them to learn.

Karambu gave us some excellent personal advice for being motivated to make a difference – ask yourself “what am I doing?” “what are my principles and values?” and apply the letters from the word RECLAIM: R: take responsiblity for your own situation   E: be empowered   C: courage – to stand up and work with people with HIV/AIDS   L: love and light within to drive you   A: adjust – dancing with the circumstances   I: intution – harness your gut feelings   M; mindfulness – being present in your life not just existing

Club Members and friends were inspired by Karambu and the work she does through her charity IPI and more. The challenge now is to look for more ways for the Club to raise funds for IPI for girls’ education, and more ways to sell the wonderful jewellery to provide a sustainable income for the women with HIV/Aids and for the Amani children’s home in Meru, Kenya.

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