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Praise for Zoom Event with Breathing Coach Jen Tiller

Jen Tiller, Breathing Coach – Helping People Heal and Thrive One Breath at a Time

#SoroptimistsinLockdown This event is one of a series of events organised by Soroptimist International St Albans and District focused on wellbeing. As we come through the COVID-19 crisis it is really important that we all stay as well as we can, so that we can enjoy our lives to the full when we move into the new normal… 

Messages of thanks came pouring in during and after the Zoom event on Monday 22 June hosted by Soroptimist International St Albans and District

“Thank you so much for organising the Zoom session. I enjoyed seeing you all very much and thought Jen’s presentation was absolutely excellent – just what I need at the moment and shall follow it up.” “I thought that was a really informative session – found it very helpful … thanks Jen and thanks Soroptimists for the opportunity.” “Thanks Jen it was very interesting.” “Thanks Jen I will be finding out more.” “Really helpful Jen. Thank you.” “Thank you very informative.” “Thank you, I have enjoyed joining you all.” “Thank you Jen for a brilliant and informative presentation.” “It was an excellent event. I was very chilled by the end! Looking forward to learning more.”

This was a practical, interactive workshop providing everyone with lots of simple ways to get more benefit from every breath we take. We take 20-30 thousand breaths per day – so imagine how much better we would all feel if more of our our breaths did more for our health and wellbeing! We were taught the difference between the “in breath” and the “out breath” and how important the differences are for us to focus on. We learnt the three simple steps to relax – “tension, attention, intention”. Jen is trained in the Buteyko breathing methods combined with NLP and relaxation techniques which have helped her to manage her own health problems for more than 20 years. Her goal is to help 1 million people to breathe better which we are sure she will achieve! To see videos and find out more visit Jen’s Facebook Group Breathe With Ease 

Herts Area Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Centre

More than 50 people attended. The event was free but raised £133 in voluntary donations for Herts Area Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Centre In the current crisis funds are running low for charities like HARCSAC at a time when sadly their services are much in demand.



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