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 Margaret with emotion mask

Members recently welcomed Margaret Hannibal MBE, CEO of the MOSAIC charity which is currently supporting in excess of 100 bereaved children and their families in Dorset.

Founded in 2007 the charity encourages trust and truth about death for children.  They provide the service with a team of experienced counsellors who work in the family home.  Referrals for the service are mostly from schools and sometimes self- referral by parents.  Twice yearly the children are invited to a ‘boot camp’ style weekend where friendships are made whilst a wide variety of fun activities are enjoyed and most importantly the ‘elephant in the room’ is identified and discussed.  One of the activities is to decorate a mask such as the one that Margaret is holding in the picture above, the face on the outside representing ‘my face to the world’, the one on the back representing ‘my face how I truly feel’ and which generally portrays anger and resentment.

Like all charities MOSAIC welcome volunteers so if you are interested please contact them on 01258 837071 or email at