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Collecting for Christmas

SI Bournemouth has started to prepare for Christmas by digging deep with donations. At our meeting on November 20th, we invited members to bring along donations for the Christchurch food bank, gift bags to go to older people in care homes and goodies for our Christmas hamper, to be raffled for charity at our next meeting. The results were impressive- a crate full of staple foods and Christmas treats was collected to go to the food bank. Tracy Blick, who runs the food bank, came to talk to us last year and made a significant impression so we were all happy to provide support. Dorsetmums collects and delivers small gift bags to people in care homes who appreciate little treats and we have collected for them for several years. Sixteen people will wake up on Christmas morning with some lovely gifts and will hopefully be pleased that they have not been forgotten. We also had a large box full of speciality items that will be made into a hamper to be raffled- what a generous bunch of Soroptimists! Merry Christmas all.


If you are interested in this and would like to come along to a Soroptimist International Bournemouth meeting to find out more, please email us at