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Art & Community Support Exhibition for 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence

Starting on November 25th SI Bournemouth, in conjunction with the BCP Community Support Team, the Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) and SI Poole, launched an exhibition at The Avenue in Bournemouth to mark the 16 days. The space was made available by Bobby’s, an iconic venue in the town centre of Bournemouth that houses concessions and stalls, and we were given a position within the South Coast Makers’ Market free of charge for six days. We offered students at AUB the opportunity to submit artworks that highlight the issues to do with gender-based violence, raising awareness and provoking thought. The result was extraordinarily successful- sixteen budding artists produced diverse, challenging, and stimulating works that the public have been highly impressed with. Visitors are invited to vote for the three works they thought fit the brief the best and the top three scorers will receive financial prizes of £150, £100, and £50. We await the results on November 30th but well done to each student- the work is amazing!

Alongside the student work, seven community support organisations put up displays about their services and Bournemouth University has included three academic posters about research in the field and two ‘thought trees’ where visitors can add comments to do with problems and solutions. Finally, both SI Bournemouth and SI Poole have stands to offer information about the clubs and our projects, so it is a full and very interesting exhibit all round. We hope you can join it soon!


If you are interested in this and would like to come along to a Soroptimist International Bournemouth meeting to find out more, please email us at