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Dhaka Projects Support Group

Tina presenting postcards

One of our Friendship Link Clubs in Bangladesh runs several projects to help children from the slums or streets of  Dhaka  enter mainstream education.We send regular donations to assist them.The funds are raised in an enjoyable way. Marmalade and cake making for example.We have also held a Book Club Evening with supper included.This last event was really fun and made £120.The book we read was “Benedict’s Brother”.

We have confidence that  this money will be put to a very good use as we know the Soroptimists who take responsibility for the funds we raise for them.

The first £200 this group raises goes to the the SI Dhaka Club.The remainder is put towards Cementing Futures.-see separate page for details.

The photo above shows Jahane Gulshan receiving £200 from us at the Gateshead Conference in 2013.