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International Literacy Day


Soroptimist International supporting

Book Aid International

During September, help to raise money to send books to sub – Saharan Africa. For every £2 you collect, Book Aid International can send a book to a school or library

How much value do you put on your ability to read and have access to a huge range of literature and information?

If you live in sub Saharan Africa you do not have this opportunity of access as books are a luxury that very few can afford.

Book Aid International state; ‘Books Change Lives’ Literacy is a basic human right, it opens the door to education and helps to lift communities out of poverty, however without books and reading materials, literacy is extremely hard to achieve and maintain.

How can you help?

During September, put a value on every thing you read and help Book Aid International send books to schools and libraries in sub Saharan Africa, where books can change lives.

An example is set out below.

Examples of a tariff – use these or set your own!
Books (for pleasure) £1.00 Holiday brochures 0.25p
Books (for information or learning) 0.50p Shopping catalogues 0.25p
Monthly magazine/ professional journal 0.50p Weekly magazine 0.20p
Instruction manual 0.50p Daily paper 0.10p
Weekend papers (and supplements!) 0.50p The internet! 0.02p
Any other      

Once the money has been collected, it should;

Either be sent to: Book Aid International 39 – 41 Coldharbour Lane London SE5 9NR. Cheques should be made payable to Book Aid International. For each donation please enclose a slip with your name, address and e­mail address so we can acknowledge your donation!                                                                                        

Or be paid directly into the Book Aid International bank account. Sort code 206651 Account 00751227 Barclays Plc. If paying directly into our account please e­mail to advise.