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Study Day in conjunction with Warwick Law School 2010

President (Professor) Rebecca Probert organised a Study Day in conjunction with Warwick Law School, at the University of Warwick on 26th June 2010.

The day was intended to highlight research being undertaken at the University of Warwick that is of relevance to the key objectives of Soroptimism.  The range of topics covered is set out below.

Objective: Eliminate poverty and gender discrimination through ensuring women’s full social and economic rights

Topic 1: ‘Gender and the Law’

Speaker: Ann Stewart, Reader in Law

Topic 2: ‘Applying strategic techniques on reviewing the Draft Afghan Family Law’

Speaker: Marge O’Leary (Femin Ijithad:

Topic 3: ‘Staying on the catwalk – help women need’

Speaker: Winnie Chan

Objective: Enable women’s advancement in management, politics and decision making

Topic: ‘Gendered ritual in Parliament’ (for background information on this project see


Objectives: Meet the needs of women and girls during and after armed conflicts, man-made and natural disasters; Promote peaceful processes for conflict resolution through encouragement of intercultural and inter-racial tolerance and condemnation of all forms of genocide and terrorism

Topic: ‘Genocide: the gender dimension’

Speaker: Solange Mouthaan

Objective: Ensure access to health care for women and girls

Topic 1: ‘The legal and non-legal control of pregnant women’

Speaker: Dr Jane Bryan

Objective: Mitigate the effects of climate change and integrate sustainability into personal choices and governmental policies and programmes

Topic: ‘Tackling Climate Change: The Global, the National, the Local, the Personal’

Speaker: Dr James Harrison

Objective: End human trafficking and all forms of violence against women and girls

Topic: ‘Domestic violence and unsafe contact arrangements’

Speaker: Joanna Harwood