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May 2015 – Amazing Coincidence

Life can be very odd.   We live in leafy Kenilworth, population approximately 25,000.   My recently retired husband, Dave, went on a walk with U3A.   There were 6 people on it, three of whom were retired pharmacists and one was the associate professor for the School of Pharmacy in Blantyre!

Dave arranges for his new friend and wife to come round for a chat about Blantyre and the hospital etc.

Happily for me and our marriage, the couple wax so lyrically about Blantyre, and are able to put me in contact with people there.   The ex professor emphasises the importance of how beneficial it will be to the pharmacists out there to take an interest in their work, and how motivational this could be.   Apparently pharmacy is not thought of as quite the same valued profession as it is in this country, or it wasn’t when he worked there a few years ago.

Dave decides that he will come with me.   Yay!   Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) pharmacy will get two pharmacists for the price of one, although Dave is adamant that he doesn’t do altruism and will be busy bird watching.

Even better is the prospect of an extra 2 x 23kg of hold luggage allowance.

I have major plans for this!    We have always travelled light when going abroad and my challenge is to use the 7kg of cabin luggage for our personal effects and use the rest to take stuff out for the paediatric hospital.

23kg 2