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July 2015 – We’re committed!

Ok so some of my friends think I should be committed.   Husband Dave tells me that he has finally booked the flights, just as well as we are due to fly in 8 weeks.   As he says ‘we have to go now’!    I’m a bit worried about the luggage allowance, we still have 2 x 23kg each of hold luggage but the cabin allowance is now only 7kg.   Hmmm, this is going to require some imaginative packing; either that or we go native and buy our clothes when we are out there.

My magnificent Medicines Management Team is the best in the world.   At the last team meeting before the summer break, as I’ve promised not to spend the money on my flight, they ‘sponsor’ digital thermometers, urine testing strips, syringes and needles to the tune of £120.

They also bring in piles of good quality brightly coloured children’s clothing, my spare bed is fast disappearing under a delightful array.   Think I must be a frustrated ‘grandma’ in waiting as I coo over the garments!

The Communications Team at Coventry & Rugby Clinical Commissioning Group find out about my Malawi Madventure and decide to run a piece on me, hopefully this will raise more money I can spend on small items  of equipment. Read it at COMMSMadventure

The Chemist and Druggist, a magazine that goes out to many community pharmacists, asks me to write a couple of pieces ‘before and after’ for them about my trip.   Hope I can get something in about Soroptimists as I’m a bit fed up with explaining what one is to everyone

Can't wait to see them on some children!
Can’t wait to see them on some children!