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August 2015 – Sister Act

I don’t have any sisters (or brothers for that matter) but what I love about the Soroptimists in my Club is the wisdom and advice that they are always so willing to share with me and the positive way they direct my over-enthusiasm on occasion.

I eagerly outline some of the plans for when I’m in Malawi including husband Dave taking photos of the children to send back to Club, and keep them updated.   Fortunately for me, two Soroptimists with a lot of experiences in child safeguarding and mistreatment point out the dangers of posting photos of young children on the internet.   I feel immensely saddened by this; the internet is such a useful tool but clearly open to abuse.   These children are vulnerable enough and Friends of Sick Children in Malawi supports a One Stop Centre for Victims of Abuse. (See item in their April newsletter, and see also the YouTube video Violence Against Children Survey (VACS) launched in Malawi)

Happily my Sisters understand the idea simply comes from my naivety, we discuss ways that we can send photos back safely

It does give me another idea though.   T-towels!

My girls did this when they were at school.   I still have a wry smile when I use them 25 years later at the stick images they drew of themselves with their names underneath, some of them are captains of industry now!   Using the internet for good, I check out a company and it seems quite straightforward, just need drawings with black felt tip on white paper, the company do the rest.   Trouble is they will cost about £2 each to have made so I’d better check this out with Club.