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August 2015 – The Power of Two

Happily Club seem really keen on the T towel idea and I get the go ahead to do this.   This gets husband Dave and me thinking about other fun ways my Club could raise money to support the training of paediatric nurses in Malawi.

But we are not a fund raising organisation I hear you cry!


True, but when I’ve discussed this before with longer standing members of my Club, I accept that it’s not all about lobbying and service.   In order to make a difference, and educate, empower and enable, we sometimes will need to raise funds.   And we do have the reassurance that 99.7 pence in every pound will get to this project via Friends of Sick Children in Malawi.


So – ideas all based on raising £2 per person.


Show and tell evening – pay £2 to bring an item beginning with ‘M’ and tell everyone about it.   Maybe invite a friend so that they can see the laughs we have at Club meetings.

Afternoon tea – it turns out that Malawi supplies tea to Fairtrade so that could be a double whammy.   Our club raised a fantastic £400 with a very swiftly organised tea party to raise funds following the Nepal Earthquake disaster.   Soroptimists can move amazingly quickly when we need to!

Recipes from Malawi – we check some out on the internet but to be honest I’m not very convinced that they would suit British palates!   Maybe once we’ve come back from Blantyre we’ll be in a better place to judge.    We could share our own favourite recipes and charge £2 for a booklet.   Could be hilarious if we manipulate the title of the recipe to begin with ‘M’!

Making things with £2 of materials and then  selling them – hmmm, I’m about as creative as a plastic carrier bag so I’m not sure about this idea but other members are certainly very gifted.

Competition to list as many words that can you create from the initials of Friends of Sick Children in Malawi , educate, empower, enable – FOSCIMEEE.   Ok so that’s too contrived and anyway I’m hopeless at Scrabble and spelling.   Maybe a word-search would be easier!

Quizzes – and pay £2 to enter.   This could work, especially if I get Dave to write them!   This would also be a way to educate ourselves about Malawi; the project and how Friends of Sick Children in Malawi are working to support clinical staff to reduce child mortality.

He’s already thought of one question that I didn’t know the answer to –

Why is Lake Malawi also known as Calendar Lake?

Check it out on the internet – neat answer  🙂


Don't think we'll look this posh in the heat of Malawi!
Don’t think we’ll look this posh in the heat of Malawi!