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August 2015 – Listomania

We go in less than 2 weeks time and I am surrounded by endless ‘to do’ lists.   This is hilarious for as my husband will vouch, I HATE LISTS!   However in order to keep my Madventure under control whilst holding down the day job I succumb.

My lists are many and varied and include – personal lists; GPs to chase; lists of what other people have promised; contacts; provisional Malawi timetable; questions to ask when I’m there – I practically need a list of my lists.

Just to impress my husband I’m keeping them altogether in one notebook instead of a flurry of scrappy bits of papers.

Dave, to my mind, cheats with his lists by including things he’s already done – so on the grounds of what is good enough for him here goes!

  • Flights booked
  • Accommodation confirmed and yes they do provide towels and mosquito nets
  • Transport booked from the airport to the guest house at the CURE hospital
  • Vaccinations up to date
  • Malaria tablets sorted – we’d look silly as 2 pharmacists contracting malaria
  • Spare bed has totally disappeared under brightly coloured children’s clothing and toys
  • Huge bag of knitted bonnets for pre- babies from Cardiff U3A plus tabards and bonnets from Angela of Life for African Mothers, all via our sister club SI Cardiff
  • Medicines bought with the fantastic donations from my work colleagues at Coventry and Rugby CCG especially Sue, my Mum and my SI Club
  • Diabetic testing meters and strips donated by manufacturers
  • Digital thermometers from the lovely Caroline, owner of Leyes Lane Pharmacy, Kenilworth – who has also been very generous about the cost of the medicines
  • Instruments for minor ops donated by surgeries
  • 39 Children’s British National Formularies courtesy of Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Walsall CCG – each weighs 0.5kg!

Now for a spreadsheet of all the equipment we’ve collected to take.   Think I’d better have a column for weights – it’s going to be close!


Some of my wonderful and generous medicines management team.
Some of my wonderful and generous medicines management team.