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September 2015 – Finally I can see my dining table!

Well one of us is happy.   Dave is in his element working out how to fit all the medical supplies we’ve collected into the smallest space possible.   I, who have no spatial awareness, and can’t do a jigsaw to save my life, take on the role of chief tea maker, cook and bottle washer.   Team work!

Surprisingly we can easily stay within the bag weight of 23kg, what is causing the most headaches is the sheer volume to pack.   I even contact Ethiopian Airlines to ask if we could possibly be allowed an extra piece of luggage but as their normal allowance is already more generous than most airlines, sadly to no avail.  Oh well, it doesn’t hurt to ask, thankfully Dave is a master at getting a quart into a pint sized pot.


and we’ve still got to fit this into the 4 bags!


We’re definitely only going to be able to have cabin luggage for our personal use so I’m back to the power of two – 2 T shirts, 2 short sleeve blouses, 2 long sleeved, 2 skirts, 2 trousers.   As I’m British and although the temperature will be hitting 30oC, I still pack a cardy.   I shall manage with 2 pairs of sandals and travel in a pair of shoes.   Following advice from my more adventurous friends who have done VSO, I pack as much underwear as I can fit into my cabin case on the grounds that they are the hardest thing to purchase in Africa.   I don’t think they have M&S in Blantyre anyway!

I look out the largest handbag I possess in order to take a bag of colourful babygros.   For some reason Dave declines a man-bag and opts for a small rucksack for his camera etc.   Wonder if he’d notice if I sneak some toys in!

Now how hot was it at the end of June this year?