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Leamington Peace Festival 2016

Kenilworth Soroptimists, together with sister clubs in Coventry and Leamington & Warwick, enjoyed warm sunshine while welcoming the crowds to their eye-catching stall at the Peace Festival last weekend.  Purple balloons and bunting drew visitors to the stand to find out more about the work of Soroptimists’ Purple Teardrop campaign; ‘Stop Human Trafficking’.

The Soroptimists drew petitioners’ attention to signs of trafficking such as several women living in run-down, usually rented accommodation, never alone when seen outdoors, and premises frequently visited by different men.

Kenilworth Soroptimists were delighted by festivalgoers’ support of Purple Teardrop’s work in helping vulnerable victims of human trafficking into the UK.   ‘By the close of the festival we had collected over 1000 signatures for our petition to outlaw sex for sale advertising’ said Patricia Weinbren, President of SI Kenilworth.  ‘We want to say a big thank you to the public for their support for this important campaign’.


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