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Midland Arden Inspirational Woman 2017 Award

 President Sharon recently had the honour of representing our Club at the Midland Arden Region Inspirational Woman 2017 award with a 5-minute speech about our young Guider, Catherine Rowe   There were six nominees in all from the various Clubs.   We were thrilled when the judges announced that Catherine had won.   Catherine couldn’t be there as she was at a debriefing session in Sheffield for her Guiding Overseas Linked with Development (GOLD) project in Oman so we took her mum, Angela  I hadn’t realised until the Saturday that Catherine is dyslexic which makes her accomplishments even more inspirational.

During her time in Oman, Catherine has been part of a team delivering a project aimed at

·         preparing the women and girls there for leadership

·         helping them tackle some of the unique challenges of living in an Arab country

·         increasing membership of Guides

·         becoming the epicentre for proactive change for women.

 Her audiences have been teenagers, Guiders, senior leadership teams, head teachers, local officials, ministers.  She didn’t get to meet the Sultan but did meet the Minister for Education!

Catherine in Oman with some of the girls in the project