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Food for thought – Mary’s Meals

Our guest speaker, Sue Nightingale, became a volunteer for the charity Mary’s Meals following a two week work experience using her skills as a nurse in Kenya.   There she saw the impact that the simple provision of one meal a day made to impoverished school children.

We are used to the idea of ‘Breakfast Clubs’ in the UK providing our children with a good nourishing start to the day but it was quite shocking to hear that these children are so grateful for ONE meal a day.   Mary’s Meals sets up feeding programmes in some of the world’s poorest communities, regardless of faith.   By providing a daily meal in a place of learning Mary’s Meals enable chronically hungry children to gain an education that could be their path to a brighter future.   It costs just £13.90 to feed a child for a whole school year.

They’ve also started a Backpack Project to help children get the most out of their learning.  Club members brought various items as contributions.   For the full list if you think you could help please co to the website   It’s a brilliant way to recycle our children’s school bags and PE kit.