So, what on earth do I say now?

Would you know how to respond in those first moments if someone had enough courage to tell you that they thought they were being abused?

Would you recognise the signs that someone might want to tell you something important about their situation?

Would you know how to raise the subject if you thought someone might be in an abusive relationship?

Working with a trainer on behalf of Warwickshire Refuge, eighteen members of Club and three daughters attended a workshop to look at these questions.   The trainer based our session on IRIS, a course she uses to train GP surgeries about supporting victims of domestic abuse.

Our aims were to raise awareness of the basic issues surrounding Domestic Abuse, and, to be aware of safe & appropriate ways to respond to a personal disclosure of Domestic Abuse.

We all felt that the session had been a great success, and that we had learnt a lot about practical ways we could help e.g offering to store an ’emergency bag’ in case of need, as well as listening and appropriate responses.   The main comment on what could have been done better was that 2 hrs had not been enough!

Evaluation of session

Outcomes Not changed Improved Greatly improved
My understanding of the implications

for someone suffering from domestic abuse

9 12
My confidence in handling a situation

if a personal disclosure is made

4 17
My understanding of what to do

in a safe and appropriate way

4 17