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What’s life like for women with leprosy in Nepal?

As you can imagine – very difficult as our speaker Heather Alford explained

Heather Alford with President Sandra



Heather introduced us to life in Nepal, a county with exceptionally rough terrain where there are few made up roads making it difficult to get about. The Nepalese farm on terraced fields making the most of every inch of fertile land to grow crops.




How do Nepalese women access treatment for leprosy?

Leprosy can be treated but sufferers are often unable or willing to come to hospitals for treatment. The Leprosy Mission now goes out to find those with the condition to give treatment.

So what’s the impact of leprosy for women?

Most of the hard farming work is done by women by hand as the terrine is to difficult for farm machinery.   Heather explained how she used her physiotherapy skills on her two five month visits to Nepal as a volunteer with the Leprosy Mission.   A young woman Heather treated hands had lost the nerves in her fingers and was severely disabled by her condition.

Success story

Over several months Heather worked with her on her hands.   Helping bring the fingers away from her palms to give her the ability to grasp a tumbler and write. The young woman was able to her life story, an achievement that would never have been possible without treatment. The young woman is now married with a young child.   And most importantly living the life she deserves without Leprosy.


How can we help?

Heather brought along a beautiful range of Nepalese crafts for members to buy.   You too can help to raise funds for the Leprosy Mission