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Do we still need Foodbanks?

Yes – because sadly the stats for foodbanks if anything are getting worse.

Andy Bower from Trussell Trust receiving cheque from President Sandra
President Sandra presenting Andy Bower with cheque for foodbank

Andy Bower from the Trussell Trust gave us an update on the foodbank situation in our area.   The stats make salutary reading.   There are now 465 foodbanks in the UK.   Besides the one in Kenilworth there are now a total of 6 in the Warwick District.

With 158 referral agencies locally more than 5,100 including children were helped in 2019.   53,500 tons of food has been distributed.













December was particularly busy with 180 people per week helped.

The main users being single men and single parent families (usually women).  And the main reasons for need are

  • low income,
  • benefit delays and changes,
  • debt and
  • homelessness.

What can we do about Period Poverty in our area?

Because of Soroptimists emphasis on ‘ We stand up for Women’ our donation will be spent on sanitary products to help reduce period poverty

And remember

If you need help from a foodbank you can contact them via their website.   Or ask your teacher, doctor, pharmacist, health worker.   You can also pop into a foodbank.

You can also donate items in most supermarkets, or contact the Trussell trust to find out about getting involved.

And finally, not forgetting our local Women’s Refuge

Besides supporting the Foodbank we collected items for Spring cleaning at the local Refuge

Spring cleaning help for Refuge