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New style AGM and future meetings?

crystal ballWell the best laid plans and all that!

Despite our excellent Development Group changing the date of our AGM so as not to clash with Maundy Thursday, unfortunately no one foresaw Coronavirus scuppering everything.    A new style of AGM was called for.

Thanks to our SUPER secretary, we were all prepared before Covid 19 forced lockdown on us.   Our key posts are filled.  The AGM was managed via email and a few phone calls.

And as we Zoom into the future,

Meetings via the wonders of Zoom will be happening soon.   Some of our less techy Club members will have their hands held (via phonecall obviously!) to help them join in.   We have great plans!

A WhatsApp group now is up and running with many jokes to keep us cheered up and messages of support

And although we can’t meet at the moment, you can still contact us via our website, Facebook and Twitter accounts