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How do we to open doors for a bright future?

Well one way our Club opens doors is by supporting women and children escaping domestic violence.   For many years now, our Club has helped the Refuges in Warwickshire, so that they can keep their doors open.

At a recent dinner meeting we were delighted to be updated about how we are making life just a little easier using our contacts and partnerships.

By teaming up with Kenilworth Lions, we have continued with our ‘Wellbeing Fund’.   The women and children are able to access funding for counselling, but as the staff pointed out we have helped in so many other ways.   And sometimes its the little things in life that can make all the difference to a woman or a child’s self esteem.

So what has it provided?

  •  A family to have some spending money to enjoy their first ever holiday
  • children could go to the circus
  • women could buy some decorations to make their rooms more homely
  • and have some funds for when they are moving on out of the refuge
  • taxis for urgent health appointments,
  • emergency food supplies
  • clothes and essentials, when women arrive in literally the clothes they stand up in

It’s also been used to improve the garden space.    This is now a much more modern, relaxing environment with plants, hanging baskets, artificial grass and seating.

And more importantly, here are a couple of quotes from the women :-

Art Classes

Edwina from the Art Society Leamington Spa came to see some of the fantastic results that their sponsorship has provided.   Brenda the lead Artist for the art project and Julie have run classes since May 2021 for both the women and the children at one particular Refuge.   It was very moving to hear just what a benefit this has been.   And very exciting to hear that the Edwina is in discussion about how the project may be extended into other Refuges in Warwickshire.

And another example of successful partnerships!

The communal room at one Refuge could best be described as dismal.    For instance it was dark, unwelcoming, unloved and with hospital style flooring.   Frankly not somewhere that the residents wanted to use with any enthusiasm.   Therefore Gill S and Sharon, with their partners Gerry and Dave who are in Kenilworth Lions, set to with paint brushes and some imagination.   Gill brought her daughter, Alex, to work, who created the most marvellous mural.   We couldn’t change the flooring however with new curtains, better lighting and even some disco lights the room now is bright, homely with comfy seating for the women, and fun for the children.  It was a real pleasure to see the children playing so joyfully, whilst the Mums could relax.

man holding paint pots
And yes, can we have some more paint for the mural please!

We must give a shout out to the lovely Dan and Shaun at Wickes, Coventry.   They willingly donated the paint supplies for the giant house blackboard that Dave made.

When we went to the ‘grand opening’ last week, the children said that the blackboard was their favourite thing in the play area.   It’s somewhere that they are positively encouraged to scribble on!




Here are some before and after pictures for you to enjoy too.