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How to host a Platinum Jubilee Party!

Well the first thing you do is invite the Queen!!! Or at least a replica to grace your Platinum Jubilee Party.   Then you put Ann P and her team in charge of platinum standard catering, complete with the new Jubilee desert.

Lifesize cardboard image of Queen Elizabeth II

Thanks to the efforts of the Social events group, we had a fabulous garden party where the chat and laughter flowed in equal measure.   Covid has certainly changed our attitudes.   We’re a lot hardier about gathering outdoors!   Despite a rather chilly Sunday we simply put our jackets on and thoroughly enjoyed each others company.   Not sure how many of us had sampled the Jubilee Trifle but it judging from the empty plates it was definitely a winner with all of our Club members and their partners.woman adding bits to Jubilee trifle

jemmas-lemon-swiss-roll-amarettii-trifle   Ann and team used this recipe but admitted to using ready made amoretti biscuits, jelly and lemon curd!   Frankly some of us might be more inclined to buy the swiss rolls and custard too!!!  Inviting 20 people to share it is probably the least bit of the recipe as Soroptimists are always up for some pud!

But its not just about us –

Heart in Ukrainian coloursAlthough we had a wonderful time, Club members are still mindful of the ongoing situation in Ukraine.   We are keen to continue to support our Soroptimist Sisters in Krakow help women and children fleeing the conflict.   We also want to support Friends of Sick Children in Malawi, an international charities we have had a long association with.   To help with this, we paid a little extra for our afternoon tea, swapped and bought books, and had a hilarious time with the raffle.   All overseen of course by Her Majesty.