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How did you celebrate International Women’s Day?

We certainly celebrated in style!  We Purpled the Park benches in Abbey Fields with inspirational quotes.   And in the evening we carried on the celebrations with friends and Kenilworth Town Councillors at Milk and Mocha.

Councillor Mark Stevens shared these as his favourite quotes –

Jane got the evening to a great start by reading this poem by Becky Hemsley

She drives just like a girl you know
And throws just like one too
She fights just like a girl as well
She’s just no match for you
She also runs just like a girl
And that’s the way she plays

But when they say “just like a girl”

Jane reading her poem
I think they mean to say
And somehow less
Somehow slower, somehow weaker
They think that if she’s ‘like a girl’
They’ll easily defeat her
But girls will go to battle
When they already are bleeding
And girls are great at throwing themselves
Upwards through glass ceilings
Girls are busy navigating progress,
Driving change
And girls are busy winning
Whilst you criticise their game
So tell her that she’s ‘like a girl’ –
She may just prove you right
She may out-play, out-last you,
Win the race and win the fight
‘Cause she’s a driving force
Fighting for her place in this world
And if you try to talk her down
She’ll rise up
Like a girl”
This poem has proved so popular that it’s been shared by many of our sister Clubs.   Including as far a field as Lower Hutt in New Zealand!
Then three of the International Students from Warwick Uni shared poems in their own languages from their countries; Brazil, Hong King and India to make it a truly #InspireInclusion evening.

As you can see from the carousel of photos, we had a fabulous evening!