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Past President Wendy Ince

The theme for my year as President is “Enabling Partnerships.” I am “A people’s
person.” . My job, as a Specialist Advisory Teacher, supporting children who have severe complex and life long special needs, has allowed me to work with a wide variety of people. Most important of all, working with parents  and helping them to understand their child’s needs and to watch as they grow in knowledge, confidence and expertise. Partnership didn’t stop with parents, but also encompassed working with other professionals initially from the health service and  within education. To work well in a
partnership is very satisfying, sharing expertise and learning from each other.
I have also loved planning and delivering training, sharing my passion and knowledge with others, but it has always been reciprocal; we can learn so much from each other.

My charities reflects my personal interests, and I have chosen two!!! One close to home “The Bluebell Wood Hospice” for children and young people and the other much further a field,. It is “Partner” a Project in India,
helping Dalit and tribal women who are battling poverty, Lack of education and gender discrimination.

I was particularly keen to support this charity because there is a Project partner on the spot, working with the women and also running workshops on key issues such as malaria prevention, child trafficking and domestic violence.  A friend of mine who worked in the Caribbean was told  “I don’t want to be your project”, I want
to be your partner

Being a Soroptomist is much more than fund raising for rwomen and girls who are less fortunate than ourselves. It’s about friendship and enabling partnerships.

In our Mansfield and District group we work hard and  play hard. We enjoy being together. Over the last year we raised £3,340.10. £1,000 to the Bluebell Hospice and the rest to Partner, a project in India

What could be better?  If what I have said interests you, why not give us a visit and come and see for yourself.