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Cheques Presentation by Immediate Past President Kam to her two chosen charities – MERCY MALAYSIA & MIND

Immediate Past President Kam Britland was pleased to finalise all the fund raised during her year in office 2018/19.  The representatives of her 2 chosen charities were able to attend the May & June Club meetings whereby she presented the 2 cheques – totalled to £2,428.82 which were equally divided to Mercy Malaysia & MIND Nottinghamshire.

Past Pres Kam with Mercy Malaysia Mrs Ranji Kent

Mrs Ranji Kent, a trustee had visited Mandalay to see the work on cleft palates being successfully performed on children and older patients. They have very basic equipment and few staff and no facilities for recovery or painkillers even for the children. The money raised will be used to provide equipment & medicine including milk as many of the patients are malnourished. Mrs Kent was grateful for our support, and will be making a trip to Nepal end of the year. She has agreed to keep us posted of their work out there.


Past Pres Kam with Dale Jubbie from MIND Nottinghamshire

Mr Dale Jubbie, a fundraising and promotions leader was at our June Club meeting receiving the donations from our Past Pres Kam. He confirmed that the money will be used to support projects in the local area.  He also expressed the gratitude of the Nottinghamshire MIND charity as every penny raised is essential for their continuing support of patients with mental health problems in this area. Thank-you for all your support.