Programme Action

  One of the most rewarding aspects of being a Soroptimist is the ability to make a difference to the lives of women and girls at local, national and international level. Locally, in the past year we have given money to the world famous Cantamus Girls choir which is based in our area as well as helping with gifts for NIDAS ( Nott’s Independent Domestic Abuse Service) which works with families who have suffered from domestic abuse and also goes into schools to talk about positive relationships. We have also had a talk about POW in Nottingham and donated “Love Me Love Me Not” bookmarks. Nationally, we are involved in the Purple Teardrop Campaign’s latest campaign which is targeting mobile phone service providers about complying with new regulations regarding the illegal use of them for crimes of modern slavery. Internationally, we are raising funds both for the International President’s Appeal for Nepal and now for the SIGBI Project Meru Women’s Garden Project – see the home page of SIGBI. Also we support CAMFED ( a charity based in Cambridge) – this year we gave money to help girls in rural Zimbabwe to stay on at school to complete their A Levels. For World Environment Day we donated to TreeAid to pay for two lots of tree workshops which will enable several villages in sub- Saharan Africa to learn about tree and land management skills. Then, of course we have our own local “big project” which is making dresses so that girls can go to school – see the charity “Dress a Girl Around the World”. Not only have many of these girls never owned a new dress before, but a label is put on the outside of the front of each dress so that predators will hopefully leave them alone. This project has inspired many local women and girls to become involved either by making dresses or donating material for dresses