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Diary 2018-2019

May 2018

Tuesday 1st     Supper Meeting, Talk by Ranjit Kent (Mercy Malaysia)

Thursday 17th  Executive meeting at Kam’s

Monday 21st    Club Meeting  at 7.30pm,Jane Walker (Purple Community Fund)

June 2018

Tuesday 5th       Supper meeting at 7.30pm -Speaker Nicola Roberts (Mind).

Sunday 10th       Mayors Community Parade-11am

Saturday 16th     Afternoon Tea at Lynn and John Dales,

Monday 18th      Club meeting at 7.30pm

July 2018

Tuesday 3rd       Supper meeting. Speaker Jennie McClelland, (Domestic Violence)

Monday 16th      Club meeting.

Saturday 21st.    Summer outing to Wentworth Woodhouse South Yorkshire.

August 2018                    Summer Recess


September 2018

Thursday 13th     Executive meeting at Kam’s

Tuesday 18th       Supper and club meeting.

Saturday 29th      Health Walk around Newstead Abbey Estate, followed by tea at the Ravenshead Scout Hut.

October 2018

Friday 12th          SI Charter Dinner at Hostess Restaurant, Sookholme  Rd,  Nettleworth. Entertainment – RECYCLE Band

Monday 15th       Club meeting at 7.30pm

November 2018

Tuesday 6th       Supper meeting at 7.30. Nick Butler (Community Safety)

Monday 19th      Club meeting at 7.30pm

December 2018

Tuesday 4th       Christmas dinner – 7pm for 7.30pm

Saturday 15th.    Coffee morning at Anne and Mike Bull’s home

January 2019 

Thursday 10th       Executive meeting at Kam’s

Tuesday 15th       Supper and Club meeting

Thursday 24th      Pie and pea supper / quiz night at the Oakham Suite, 7pm for 7.30.

February 2019

Tuesday 5th     Supper meeting  Chinese New Year, dress code Red and Gold, Elaine Kimberley ( Chinese Painting demo)

Monday 18th     Club meeting at 7.30pm,.

March 2019

Friday 8th      Supper at Spring Water Chinese Restaurant Calverton, fundraiser in aid International Women’s Day

Monday 18th     Club meeting at 7.30pm – Program Action.

April 2019

Tuesday 2nd        Supper  meeting at 7.30pm speaker Laura Britland (Multiple Needs / Big Lottery Funding)

Thursday 11th     Executive meeting at Kam’s

Monday 15th     Annual General meeting 7.30pm