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Past Regional President

I have been privileged to be a member of SI Mansfield &  District since 2002. The invitation to join came at a point in my life when I  was looking for an interest which would help me to give something back to my
community and the wider world, a feeling which I am sure many women share.

Membership of Soroptimist International has certainly helped me to feel I’m  contributing in some small way to improving the lives of women and girls both  locally and globally, but I also feel I have gained enormously on a personal  level from my membership.

All the women I meet, both in my own club and across  the region, in my role as President of Midland East Region, are committed and  enthusiastic, friendly and welcoming, and we value the support and friendship we can offer each other, while at the same time working together to raise money  or give service to improve the lives of others.

We have a lot of fun!

Sue Challis: President of Midland East Region, 2011-2012