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Village Aid

To celebrate the Diamond Anniversary of SIGBI in 2010 we in Mansfield decided to have a sponsored walk to raise funds for a water project for Village Aid, which is a charity based in Bakewell, Derbyshire.  Village Aid works with local groups in Cameroon, Gambia and Sierra Leone.

In may 2010 we enjoyed a wonderful walk through Sherwood Forest on a pleasant Saturday afternoon, followed by a delicious plated tea, prepared by our Social & Hospitality team, we Soroptimist love our food and companionship.

Our efforts raised £700. This money was then used by Village Aid, along with its own finance and monies raised by students from the Buxton Campus of Derby University to implement a water project carried out by local people, the Mbororo Social & Cultural Ass.NW region Bamenda Cameroon, Alamatti Awing, (MBOSCUDA)

Until this project was done the women and sometimes girls had to fetch water from the streams, and their laundry was washed in the stream.

The project involved running 3 water sources into 2 catchment chambers, which are connected and 4 standpipes were sited in the community, meeting the needs of the people. Two family members were trained in the maintenance and of managing the system.

Planting 500 water friendly trees in the catchment area.

This water system was completed in August and we have received a lovely letter from the women of Awing.