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Female Genital Mutilation

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) or Female Circumcision or Cutting
FGM is something of which many of us in the UK are unfamiliar. SI Newcastle was invited, along with other clubs in the region, to attend a talk on this harrowing subject, at SI South Shields and District meeting on Tuesday July 12th.

The subject was introduced by Dr Kirsten Richardson who is a GP in North Tyneside. She spoke of her experience and introduced the main speaker, Roya K. Rezaee from Shine. Her role is as a Community Development Worker in Newcastle.
A quote that remains with me is ‘Every minute 5 girls are cut worldwide’. FGM in the UK is becoming more common as new peoples enter the country. Follow this link for further information:
New castle member, Councillor Doreen Huddart has recently attended a recent meeting of the Home Affairs Committee chaired by Keith Vaz. Follow this link for further information:

Our next meeting is on Thursday July 28th at the City of Newcastle Golf Club when the subject of the evening’s talk is ‘Blood bikes’.