Women’s Sanitary products for the Gateshead and West End Foodbanks

Several members of SI Newcastle went to the Metro Centre today ( Tuesday, October 30th )to  hand over the women’s sanitary products that Cris Young (Newcastle SI) has been organising with the Metro Centre Chaplain ( Rev. Lyn Jamieson )  There were 10 large boxes of products to go to the Gateshead Food Bank and another 10 boxes for the West End Food Bank plus some items to be used as a gift for the West End Refugee Service. This collection was in addition two large black bags of products collected by members (plus a donation)  taken to the West End Food Bank 2 weeks ago.

As it was difficult to capture everyone who attended in one photograph, three have been used.

SI members with Rev Lynn Jamieson, Chaplain at the Metro Centre and representatives from the Gateshead and West End Food Banks