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Florence Kirkby Funeral Arrangements

It is with sadness that we have to tell you that our long serving member of 46 years, Florence Kirkby, died in hospital in the early hours of Tuesday 15 January aged 98 years. She had a number of falls a few days before she died, for which she had sought medical attention, but then was admitted to hospital with pneumonia a short while after, where she died. She was our Club President in 1983-84 and SI Northern Regional President in 2010-11.

Florence’s funeral will be held on Thursday 7 February 2019 at 1.0pm at St.Aidan’s Church in Brunton Park ( NE3 5NF ). There will be refreshments after the service in the adjacent Church Hall.
The flowers for the coffin are to be provided by her executors and close family and the ladies of the church wish to decorate the church with flowers ( included Soroptimist colours ) as a tribute to Florence.
Any donations that people wish to make will be for St.Aidan’ s Church and a box will be available on the day.
Florence was a remarkable lady and will be greatly missed. Her obituary will be available on our website after her funeral.