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Fundraising stall at Tynemouth Station Market on June 2nd to support a girl’s education in Nepal. We need your help!!

leaflet re Kabita Khadka[141315]





are at
Tynemouth Station Market

2nd June 2019  from 9am to 3.45pm
We are selling toiletries, pottery, bric-a- brac etc.
All proceeds will be going to support ta girl’s education in Nepal.

Kabita has 9 sisters and 2 brothers. Your support is most valuable to enable Kabita to continue her education. She lives with her parents. They are farmer with very limited farming land so they work as labourers on other farms as well. However, because of the seasonal farming system in Nepal, they only able to work in the farming season only and most of the days they have no work. While her parents work outside (on the farm), she has to work in the home: cleaning, sweeping, cooking and looking after her brother. She is hoping to train as a teacher once she finishes her secondary education.
Your support is crucial for her to achieve this ambition.

Help us, to help her, by supporting us so we can send funds directly to Soroptimists in Kathmandu.