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AGM 2023

AGMs are formal affairs but we wanted to also celebrate all that we have achieved this year, and there is quite a lot to remember.

Our meeting was opened by President Jenny Hair introducing the order of proceedings. She then thanked those who had served on the Executive Committee, many of whom took on new roles this year. In particular she thanked those who had provided stability and experience on the Committee.

Jenny noted that while we have lost some members this year, we have welcomed more, two of whom were inducted at the end of the meeting. Welcome to Glynis and Hilary!

Jenny said that one of the most difficult things about her role is balancing the varying needs of all the membership. She noted that not everyone can get involved with projects, but that the club needs to cater for all members. Our meeting venue has successfully moved to the White Hart and we have a storage facility for our club resources, but both have increased in cost and are likely to do so again, putting pressure on our finances.

Jenny thanked all the project leaders for their efforts in sustaining a diverse range of opportunities for members to pitch in and help. In particular she highlighted the success of Her Salisbury Story, which not only featured at the prestigious Chalk Valley History Festival  where the website was promoted to a much wider audience, but recently was successful in getting a Blue Plaque installed in Salisbury celebrating Frances Hale, one of the featured women. The project has written some hidden women’s stories back into history, also highlighted by the exhibition at Salisbury Museum. Her Salisbury Footprint has sold over 1000 copies! Although the project is now wrapped up, we are still doing walks and talks to continue to promote it and seeking sponsorship to allow the website to continue.

Peggy’s Secretary Report noted the balance necessary in achieving good communication with members and friends, to inform but not overwhelm.

Eleanor commended everyone who had contributed to one or more projects this year. In particular she mentioned Her Salisbury Story which is now winding down, but has achieved so much. Other ongoing projects were highlighted: Women’s Safety Initiative which is expanding in scope, Bra Collection which reached a new record this year, the Quiz which raised a large sum for our two charities, another colourful Christmas Tree and Orange the World. We also remembered our ongoing links with Moldova, our STEM project and the new Advocacy project.

Annette reported that a successful membership event in September, this website and other publicity has swelled our numbers to 34, despite a few leavers. Another membership event is planned.

Our accounts were approved by our Regional President, Kay Linnell, therefore voted to be adopted. Membership fees remain the same.

Lisa sent in her report on Regional activities. Eleanor thanked her for her role as Regional Representative and wished her well as she proceeds to becoming the Regional President later this year.

Julia reminded everyone to use the website and Facebook pages to find out what is happening. We have had numerous press articles about various events throughout the year.

Votes were held to confirm office holders in their posts and to elect Jenny Hair as President for another year. Michele Smith was elected, unopposed, as Regional Representative. No nominations were received for Programme Action nor President Elect.

To conclude the club business, the two new members mentioned above were enrolled. Jenny presented a cheque to Penny, as representative of the Refuge, from the proceeds of the Quiz Night.

A vote of thanks was raised to Jenny for her past year as President, followed by applause. The meeting closed but there followed a glass of fizz for everyone and a slide presentation compiled by Eleanor celebrating all our events from the year. See this on our main page.