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SI Southport’s Tree Planting Activities

Victoria Park

In May 2021, members of Soroptimist International Southport gathered in Victoria Park, Southport to plant trees, as part of the SI centenary project. The first action taken by Soroptimists in 1921 was to save trees and 100 years later, we are ‘Planting Trees for a Brilliant Future’.

As part of the Woodland Trust’s reforestation project – ‘A TREE TODAY, A FOREST TOMORROW’ – Alan Adams, the General Manager of Southport Flower Show and the Victoria Park Management Company, secured a supply of saplings which he offered to schools, community groups and local organisations for planting in Victoria Park. Every tree planted will contribute to the global reforestation efforts, restoring lost forests, repairing damaged ecosystems and mitigating climate changes. Alan generously provided the saplings – and some assistance from Victoria Park volunteer Simon Moorhouse. The Soroptimists planted 60 crab-apple saplings from the ‘Wild Wood’ mixture – which can tolerate exposed sites and help dry up wet areas – thereby supporting the Woodland Trust and the local environment with new trees, as well as supporting Victoria Park, an outstanding local resource and a self-supporting registered charity. For more information on Southport Flower Show and Victoria Park, visit their websites and

SI Southport IPP Rosemary Moore
SI Planting Team with Alan Adams (front) and Simon Moorhouse








SI Southport Planting Team









Hesketh Park

To further support SIGBI’s tree planting activities for our 100th anniversary, we procured a selection of saplings from the Woodland Trust and arranged with Green Sefton to plant them in our lovely woodland park, Hesketh Park. So in early December, we braved the weather to join friends from the Rotary Club of Southport and some colleagues from Green Sefton and Hesketh Park volunteers to plant 210 saplings, which included rowan, hawthorn, blackthorn, silver birch, dogwood, wild cherry and pedunculate oak. The saplings are still very small – but we visit them regularly and encourage them to grow!

Tree planting team
Finished job!
Trees Officer Steve Whiteside with Soroptimist President Carol Cookson and Rotary President Terry Keefe