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Southport Soroptimist Housing Association (SSHA)

In 1947 members of SI Southport decided to set up a fund in order to purchase a house. The aim was to obtain a property that could be converted into self-contained apartments or rooms.

In 1956, after a number of years of dedicated fund raising, Barton Hollies was set up on Scarisbrick New Road near the town centre. In 1967 a second house, Baverstock House, was purchased. Both houses were converted to provide affordable accommodation for single and elderly women in Southport, who had limited income and/or had experienced difficulties with landlords. The formation of Southport Soroptimist Housing Association (SSHA) followed.

Throughout the years, the houses have been modernised and upgraded and conform to the current legislation relating to housing associations. This includes accommodating both male and female tenants.
Recently the committee decided to outsource the management of both houses, as legislation was continually changing.

In 2018, SSHA sold Barton Hollies and the funds received were used to enhance the accommodation at Baverstock House.

Members of SI Southport may individually hold one share each in SSHA and are invited to attend the SSHA Annual General Meeting each year.

If you wish to find out more about SSHA, please contact the club via the contact form.

SI Southport Club Room
In 1976 the members of SI Southport decided to create a clubroom at Baverstock House, in which the club could hold meetings, social and fundraising events. After a further period of fund raising, the clubroom at Baverstock House was built, consisting of a large meeting room with a separate kitchen. This was opened on 2nd October 1977 and has been the home of SI Southport since.

During the enhancements to Baverstock House in 2018, the facilities of the clubroom were upgraded, providing a larger kitchen and cloakroom, so the club has been able to host some regional meetings and workshops in addition to our own events and meetings.