Mental Health Challenges For Women – Event for World Mental Health Day 2018

On Monday 8 Oct we had a brilliant evening to mark World Mental Health Day and we now all understand so much more about the mental health challenges facing women. We looked into the many aspects of mental health including dementia and received management and support advice for how to live a better life for mental health well being.

Our Member Katherine Clark ran the event. Kat is an experienced Mental Healthcare professional  with her own specialist support and training service “Essential Life Skills”, working with individuals with a wide variety of needs.

Kat delivered an excellent presentation covering the many aspects of mental health and how to manage them which can be downloaded and viewed here – Presentation WMHD2018 it covers depression and anxiety and what can help. Kat also did a relaxation exercise with us all – leaving us feeling like the cat in Kat’s presentation – see the pic!

Kat also provided us with two very useful handouts for mental healths support which can also be downloaded here: Hertfordshire Mental Health Support and Useful Contacts (UK) 2018

After coffee we heard from Louise Bates (pictured here with Kat), Regional Representative for Dementia Friends, Greater London there is more information on the website 

Louise took us, brilliantly step by step through the five key messages:

1. Dementia is not a natural part of ageing

2. Dementia is caused by diseases of the brain

3. It’s not just about losing your memory – it can affect thinking, communicating and doing every day tasks

4. People can still live well with dementia

5. There is more to the person than the dementia

Louise used analogies and answered lots of our question making it a really interactive and useful evening for everyone present. This is covered in more detail on the Alzheimer’s Society webpage – so please click on the link:

We would highly recommend that everyone becomes a Dementia Friend to change the way people think act and talk about dementia – and perhaps even becoming a champion?

One thing we can all do is to sign the petition to fix dementia care in the UK just click here and add your name