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Conquering Dufton Pike

Member Jean Harvey didn’t wish to be left behind when other trustees of our Cementing Futures Charity  planned a climb up Mount Kilimanjaro in aid of funds. Instead, with the support of our Friendship Link Club in  Penrith she scaled the forbidding heights of Dufton Pike in Cumbria’s Eden Valley. Since Dufton Pike is rather shorter than  Mt Kilimanjaro she decided to make the journey to the summit a sufficient number of times to equal the height of the African mountain. This involved no less than 20 trips up and down over a six day period. Every time she reached the top, the Bangladeshi Flag was produced. Here she is with some supporters on one of the 20 journeys! A now very fit Jean raised over £2,050.

Our heartfelt thanks to everyone at S.I Penrith who looked after Jean and provided the vital support.