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Moordown Brownies and The Bee Project

The Guide Commissioner for Dorset Catherine Welch, was the speaker at our June meeting. She was aided by Brownie Pack leaders and we were delighted to learn about the fun that local girls had with the Bee Project. Our pack had been adapted and used as a source of inspiration to learn about the role of bees in the environment and their importance to all our lives. Bees became the inspiration for craft work, art, and honey flavoured cakes. A local bee keeper gave a talk and demonstrated the use of a smoker tool. Favourite bee flowers were planted, a bee drive invented -like the more traditional beetle drive- and best of all a “Waggle Dance” devised to imitate the flight of these insects. Our Environment Group who provided the Project Pack, were very pleased that the project had such a positive response from the Brownies and we were all delighted to hear how Dudsbury Camp will be developed in the future to incorporate a bee friendly area. One of the Brownies gave permission for her art to appear below.

We are delighted that Soroptimist International and the Girl Guides have discovered shared areas of interest in such a positive way.

Bee Project