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Kenilworth Soroptimists and District Council ‘backs’ Purple Teardrop Campaign

To mark Anti-Slavery Day on 18 October and to raise awareness of Human Trafficking, Kenilworth and District Soroptimists have extended the visibility of the organisations ‘Purple Teardrop Campaign’ by placing their distinctive black, purple and white posters in public conveniences.

The UK Wide campaign aims to raise awareness of the plight of people particularly women and girls, who are trafficked into prostitution. The posters which have now been placed in Warwick District Council’s toilets and leisure centres provide information on spotting the signs of trafficking and have telephone helpline numbers for victims or concerned members of the public to contact

Warwick District Councillor and Soroptimist Felicity Bunker commented: “Warwick District Council is very pleased to be able to support this campaign in a very practical way. I would like to thank the Kenilworth Soroptimists for the work they are doing to help our community understand the issues and as a result be able to identify and help victims.”

purple teardrop

Pictured from left to right

Councillor Felicity Bunker WDC, James Baker WDC, Tricia Weinbren SI Kenilworth,James Baker WDC and  Anita Hornbrook Kenilworth SI