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Who knew that the Red Cross did so much?

And in the UK too!

Well who knew that the Red Cross worked in the UK as well as internationally!  Not many of our Club, that was for sure!

Cara Munrow local volunteer for Red Cross with President Sandra
President Sandra with Cara Munrow

Cara Munrow , our local fundraiser, certainly educated us on the work they do at home as well as abroad.  Besides First Aid courses, they provide all sorts of other support in a crisis that we hadn’t thought about.

Not only does the Red Cross provide physical items such as mobility aids and practical help after a flood or fire.   Given the recent floods around the country this winter they have been especially busy.   They also provide emotional support to those affected by a crisis.   Because of their expertise they are also the biggest provider of refugee and International family tracing services.

As one of our members put it – Cara, thank you for a very interesting talk covering many aspects of the charity.    I’ll admit that I, along with most others here, didn’t know that you worked so much locally & with the fire brigade.

It was great to hear that you empower girls, especially as this is a word used in the Soroptimist objectives. The effort to put through the bill to ensure that school children are taught first aid showed yet another unknown aspect. This on top of the emergency relief & family tracing that we knew of.

Once again thank you.